Cannabis Coffee – Wake and Bake without the Grogginess

Coffee & Weed Recreational marijuana took to a slow start in Seattle, but the stoner culture is beginning to sweep the area and it’s not just marijuana bud that’s selling

It’s still too early to predict just how big of a success the recreational marijuana industry will be in Washington. The industry has had a rough start. Most blame the

Once you’ve learned to make weed butter, you have most of the knowledge you need to make marijuana cookies. Butter is a primary ingredient in most baked treats and who doesn’t

If you are going to prepare cannabutter, you want to make sure that you do it right. Cooking with weed butter can be great way to add THC to your favorite

One of the greatest aspects of weed is that it can cooked with and consumed orally. Cooking with marijuana can be an enjoyable activity and it’s a great way to

Marijuana DUIs Opponents to the legalization of marijuana believed that there was no adequate way for law enforcement to test for cannabis, which meant legalizing the substance would result in

How to Roll a Blunt – Blunt Rolling Directions

Wanna learn how to roll a blunt? You’ll be lookin like a pro with these easy blunt rolling directions!    What do you need to roll a blunt? To roll

Smoking Rules: Stay Comfortable Although there has never been a confirmed overdose with weed, it’s important to stay comfortable and not push yourself or overdue it when you’re smoking. Smoke however

Lighting Weed – Lighters, Hemp Wicks, Matches

There are a variety of ways to light your weed, with the most popular being a conventional butane lighter. Hemp Wicks Hemp wicks are a healthier, safer way to light

Washington State’s marijuana reform hasn’t been ideal. The industry got off to a slow start and when compared to Colorado’s vertically integrated structure that blends the medical and recreational industries