Marijuana Pipes – How to Smoke From and Use a Weed Pipe

What makes marijuana pipes different?   A basic marijuana pipe has no physical differences from a tobacco pipe. However, marijuana pipes are generally made of glass while tobacco pipes are

Marijuana Inspired Christmas Holiday Stoner Gifts

The holidays are quickly approaching and a marijuana inspired holiday gift can make for the perfect Christmas present for a marijuana enthusiast. If you know someone who enjoys a little cannabis from

There are some undeniable traits that just about everyone in Seattle seems to have. If you find yourself connecting with several things on this list, chances are, you’re meant to live

Smoking Weed – The Basics on Cannabis Science and How to Smoke it

The marijuana plant has a strong psychoactive effect when smoked or ingested and not all marijuana is the same. The plant’s medicinal and psychoactive effectiveness varies depending on the strain, which derives from two

Seattle has many attractions and when you’re looking for fun things to do, there should be plenty to choose from but not all of it will be appealing when you’re high.

Washington’s Legal Cannabis Sub-Industries

Washington State was able to successfully legalize marijuana in 2012 with Initiative 512. Since then, marijuana has seen several sub-industries take off, each with potential to become billion dollar industries,

Washington Helps Oregon and Alaska Legalize Marijuana

November was expected to be a very big month for the pro-marijuana movement and Washington seems to have made an impact on the industry, helping Oregon and Alaska enact new

The Legalization of Marijuana in Washington – What Led to its Success?

Just a decade ago, marijuana’s legalization seemed very unlikely. Today, we stand proud in Washington after legalized recreational marijuana is a done deal and already in action. In states like

Washington’s voters approved Initiative 502 in November 2012, which legalizes marijuana possession in small quantities. I-502 regulates the distribution of recreational marijuana, requiring the Washington State Liquor Control Board to

Marijuana grows naturally on earth and as a plant and living organism, it has multiple species, known as indicas and sativas. They both have many different strains within them, as