The word “dàmà” comes from the oldest known Neolithic culture in China – the Yang-shao – and was the expression for cannabis. Today, dama cannabis products stand as a leader of quality in the industry.

dama’s goal is to produce the safest and highest-quality products on the market. Utilizing cutting edge growing technologies, dama consistently delivers some of the best recreational cannabis available in Washington state.   Additionally each batch is tested using state-certified cannabis laboratories.  Whether you’re looking for pre-filled vape cartridges or premium dried flowers, dama invites everyone from the novice to the most discerning connoisseur to discover a premium cannabis experience with a sophisticated line of products that deliver consistent purity and potency.

dama marijuana in flower


Nurtured using superior growing techniques and technologies, only the best buds are selected and hand trimmed.  The largest, finest flower buds are chosen to sell as dried herb. The smaller dried flowers are used to make concentrate, leaving nothing to waste.

dama offers a variety of products, made from the more than 20 strains they grow.  Dried flowers constitute a large portion of their output, but dama is probably best known for their excellent dàmà oils.  dàmà oils are most frequently enjoyed in convenient vape cartridges that attach to a variety of pen vaporizers.  They’re great for folks who want a discrete, non-messy way to enjoy concentrates.  The average potency of a dàmà oil cartridge is about 60% THC, making cartridges a fantastic choice for a convenient, on-the-go experience that doesn’t fail to please.  At 375mg of oil per cartridge,  dàmà outlasts most competitors’ cartridges.

“We hand-selected dàmà products to be one of the premier lines we offer in our new store in SoDo on First Ave South in Seattle,” said Casey Davison, manager, Seattle Cannabis Company. “Our partnership with dàmà began years ago when we were both in the medical cannabis industry. dàmà continues to uphold its reputation in the market as a reliable, quality cannabis provider and we are excited to work with them again to offer dàmà oil, flower and concentrates with our new retail consumers.”

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Please visit our menu to see which dama products Seattle Cannabis Company is currently offering and try the one of your choice.  To learn more about dàmà, check out their beautiful website.


Where to Buy Dama Products

We are quite easy to find. Located near the on-ramp for the West Seattle Bridge on 1st Avenue in Seattle’s Industrial District, we’re just minutes from downtown.

3230 1st Ave S., Seattle, WA 98134